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2013 Caught by the Bounty Hunter – Gwendolyn Wilde [PDF] [English]
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Caught by the Bounty Hunter – Gwendolyn Wilde [PDF] [English]

Titulo original Caught by the Bounty Hunter


Pais EE.UU.

Idiomas English



Genero Erótica, Ficción erótica

Sinopsis de Caught by the Bounty Hunter – Gwendolyn Wilde [PDF] [English] (2013)

Lorel flees to the woods to escape the oppressive formality of her daily life. There, she can be alone, shedding her clothes to bathe in the forest spring. But she’s not as alone as she thinks. The bounty hunter is just as surprised to see her as she is to see him. In his muscled arms, she’ll find a new way to defy the rules and taboos that confine her. And a delicious rebellion it is, as they eagerly satisfy their lusts together.

“Go away.”
He shook his sandy hair out of his eyes. “What sort of mythical creature are you?”
I growled at him, rearranging my arm as my breasts began to spill out.
“Beautiful, naked, wild…lusty.” His eyes were dilated, black pits of hunger. “Enough to drown a man in his own desire.”
“What are you doing here? This is private land.”
“I was looking for someone.” He regarded me. “Not quite feral enough to be a fairy. A river nymph, perhaps?”
“This is private land. You’re trespassing.” I snarled. But I couldn’t help studying his own form with the same curiosity, as he leaned lanky and tall against a birch. My proud anger and growing lust were all tangled into a hot throbbing confusion of arousal. I tried not to stare at his crotch, but the shape that strained his pants was enticingly large.
“Trespassing…is the least of my trespasses right now.” He raised his eyebrows. “If you only knew what I was thinking.”


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