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2015 The Eternity Machine – Vaughn Hepper, Logan White [PDF] [English]
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The Eternity Machine – Vaughn Hepper, Logan White [PDF] [English]

Titulo original The Eternity Machine


Pais Canadá

Idiomas English


Autor ,

Genero Ciencia ficción

Sinopsis de The Eternity Machine – Vaughn Hepper, Logan White [PDF] [English] (2015)

Buried for millennia slumbers a secret relic of the days when creatures from the stars ruled the Earth. It is inactive but not dead, cruelly tempting men with promises of power and immortality.

A secret society has already begun to tamper with the alien technology, creating an intelligent beast, 900 grams of antimatter and boosting their IQs so they can understand more. But they’ve also caused mass bird suicides, unleashed an insidious hum that drives two percent of people mad and caused an increase in global temperature.

Into this labyrinth world of intrigue and super-science comes an American covert operative Jack Elliot. He’s playing a desperate game, outwitted and outmaneuvered by geniuses with perfect bodies. But Elliot is haunted by his past, driven to excellence and a passion to protect the weak, in this case the rest of humanity. Maybe as critical, he’s found the woman they need, Dr. Selene Khan, and interrupts their hunt for her.

Now, in a breathless race, two strangers suspicious of everyone must work together to stop those guided by a cruel invention engineered by an ancient alien intelligence.

THE ETERNITY MACHINE is a smart, lightning-paced adventure…utterly unpredictable right up to its stunning conclusion.

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