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2003 TI-83 Plus Graphing Calculator for Dummies – C. C. Edwards [PDF] [English]
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TI-83 Plus Graphing Calculator for Dummies – C. C. Edwards [PDF] [English]

Titulo original TI-83 Plus Graphing Calculator for Dummies


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Sinopsis de TI-83 Plus Graphing Calculator for Dummies – C. C. Edwards [PDF] [English] (2003)

Would you order a multi-course gourmet buffet and just eat salad? If you have a TI-83 Plus graphing calculator, you have a veritable feast of features and functions at your fingertips, but chances are you don’t take full advantage of them. This friendly guide will help you explore your TI-83 Plus Graphing Calculator and use it for all it’s worth, and that’s a lot. With easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions plus screen shots, TI-83 Plus Graphing Calculator For Dummies shows you how to:

Perform basic arithmetic operations
Use Zoom and panning to get the best screen display
Use all the functions in the Math menu, including the four submenus: MATH, NUM, CPS, and PRB
Use the fantastic Finance application to decide whether to lease or get a loan and buy, calculate the best interest, and more
Graph and analyze functions by tracing the graph or by creating a table of functional values, including graphing piecewise-defined and trigonometric functions
Explore and evaluate functions, including how to find the value, the zeros, the point of intersection of two functions, and more
Draw on a graph, including line segments, circles, and functions, write text on a graph, and do freehand drawing
Work with sequences, parametric equations, and polar equations
Use the Math Probability menu to evaluate permutations and combinations
Enter statistical data and graph it as a scatter plot, histogram, or box plot, calculate the median and quartiles, and more
Deal with matrices, including finding the inverse, transpose, and determinant and using matrices to solve a system of linear equations

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