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2013 The Captured Queen – Gwendolyn Wilde [PDF] [English]
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The Captured Queen – Gwendolyn Wilde [PDF] [English]

Titulo original The Captured Queen


Pais EE.UU.

Idiomas English



Genero Erótica, Ficción erótica

Sinopsis de The Captured Queen – Gwendolyn Wilde [PDF] [English] (2013)

Warning: This is a contemporary erotic short story, containing descriptions of competitive, rough sex, teasing, and light bondage, and is for adult readers only.

Kim feels passionately about her neighbor Martin. She hates him. He’s inconsiderate, rude, lazy…and incredibly attractive. Both determined to get their own way, they decide to resolve their dispute once and for all. With a duel, of sorts. But before long, their fighting turns dirty.

Excerpt from The Captured Queen:
Her eyes darted. It would be checkmate in a few moves. She glanced nervously at her time: only seconds remained. Martin set his jaw, studying the board for a way out. Finally he sighed and slid a piece forward, punching the clock.
Kim snatched a rook, to deal the killing blow. But she fumbled the grab, knocking the piece off the board. She lunged forward as it rolled off the table, but Martin caught it first.
She reached for it, and he pulled away. She jumped at him, grabbing for his clenched fist. They rolled on the carpet. His breath was hot in her face, his thigh hard between her legs as she wrestled him. She pried at his fingers, but his grip was too strong.
Her last few seconds were running out. She needed extraordinary measures.
She kissed him. He grunted, surprised, but his fingers didn’t loosen. She caught his lip lightly between her teeth and pulled it into the wet warmth of her mouth, sliding the slip of her tongue over it. His hand slackened.
She closed her fist on the piece. It was cold and glassy.


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