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2013 The Captured Spy (Part II Treason and Fealty) – Gwendolyn Wilde [PDF] [English]
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The Captured Spy (Part II Treason and Fealty) – Gwendolyn Wilde [PDF] [English]

Titulo original The Captured Spy (Part II Treason and Fealty)


Pais EE.UU.

Idiomas English



Genero Erótica, Ficción erótica

Sinopsis de The Captured Spy (Part II Treason and Fealty) – Gwendolyn Wilde [PDF] [English] (2013)

Warning: this is an erotic fantasy short story, containing descriptions of bondage, rough sex, orgasm denial, and dominance, and is for adult readers only.

The girl is beautiful, defiant…and a spy. She won’t even tell him her name, but Asher is determined to claim her for his own. Even if it means treason, even if it means breaking her out of the castle dungeon and stealing her away into the night.

Excerpt from The Captured Spy Part II:

She had to stretch to meet my lips, but she obeyed. I turned, hardly watching the path, consumed with the feel of her warm lips and the tightening clasp of her arms around my waist. I played my tongue along the edges of her mouth, then plunged it through her lips. My hips mirrored the thrust, and I must have dug my heels into the horse’s flanks, because it bolted. I tore my mouth away, pulling at the reins to regain control.

“You should concentrate.” Eva said. Her breath warmed my neck.

“Don’t tell your lord what to do.” I grunted. But she was right. I had to look ahead, to pay attention to the pace of my mount. I missed her mouth on mine the instant it left. But her arms were still around me, and her hand stroked at my stomach. Soon she slid her hand down, sweeping it over my thigh. My skin quickened under her touch. Her soft groping wandered lower still. She brushed my crotch, feeling my salute through the constrictive leather of my pants.

“Don’t let me distract you.” She purred.


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