Full Metal Fiction #1C [PDF]

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Categoria Comic, Inglés

Full Metal Fiction #1C
Autor Everette Hartsoe
Género Comic
Ubicación EE.UU.
Título Original Full Metal Fiction #1C
Publicación 1997

With the launch of London Night Comics in 1992, Everette Hartsoe became one of the premier indy comic publishers of the 1990s! William Tucci, David Mack, Ed McGuiness, Steve Scott, Eric Powell and many more got their start with LNS. 1st appearances of SHI and KABUKI also grace the pages of LNS books. London Knights published over 5 million comics worldwide between 1991 and 1999! Here we have a Full Metal Fiction – issue #1. 44 black-and-white pages. Mature content.

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