Habit-Busting: A 10 Step Plan That Will Change Your Life – Pete Cohen [PDF]

Habit-Busting: A 10 Step Plan That Will Change Your Life
Autor Pete Cohen
Género Bienestar, Vida sana, Desarrollo personal, Autoayuda
Ubicación Reino Unido
Título Original Habit-Busting
Publicación 2001

Simple Techniques to Stop Self-Sabotage, Break Bad Habits, and Achieve Your Potential

How would you like to be your best self all the time? To be free and successful at work? To eat healthily? To give up smoking? To stop procrastinating? According to the authors of Habit-Busting it can be simple, it can be quick, and it can be fun.

In this invaluable guide Pete Cohen and Sten Cummins offer techniques to stop sabotaging yourself and straightforward strategies for bringing out your best. They will help you work with your strengths, learn from masters in whatever it is you want to accomplish and take stock of past behaviour – both what has worked for you and what hasn’t. ‘Habit-Busting’ shows how in just 21 days you can turn a bad habit into a healthy one that can last a lifetime.

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