The Rogue – Trudi Canavan [PDF]

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Categoria eBook, Fantástico, Inglés, Novela
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The Rogue
Autor Trudi Canavan
Género Novela, Fantástico
Ubicación Australia
Título Original The Rogue
Publicación 2011

The Rogue continues from the events of the Ambassadors Mission. The Ambassadors Mission ended with Lorkin being confined to the Sanctuary (The Traitors’ mountainous hidden city), and been given the job of assisting healing the inhabitants as the Sachakan magic users don’t know healing magic, though Lorkin is doing this willingly. Ambassador to Sachaka Dannyl is no longer looking for Lorkin and has resumed his duties as Ambassador while awaiting for a new assistant. Sonea has exposed a rogue magician from Igra, with help from Cery and Regin. Though through reading the rogue’s mind they have discovered that the Thief Skellin is also a magic user though he is unaware of Black Magic, this Thief is also responsible for the murders that have been plaguing the Thieves and the man directly responsible for importing and selling the drug Roet that is an attempt to gain a measure of control of citizens of Imardin from all the classes, low, high and magician.

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