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2016 Accidental Life Sentence – Skye Falcon [PDF] [English]
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Accidental Life Sentence – Skye Falcon [PDF] [English]

Titulo original Accidental Life Sentence


Idiomas English



Genero Romántica


Sinopsis de Accidental Life Sentence – Skye Falcon [PDF] [English] (2016)


It won’t bend for you. Change for you. Or even acknowledge that you’re struggling and falling apart. It forces you to push on, live in the moment, and find every ounce of good that you can- when you can. Everything happens for a reason. Life never gives any guarantees. It cannot make you any promises. It can’t tell you that your plans or dreams will go off without a hitch, or even allow you to have anything that lasts forever. Except love. And memories.

Mira Mayer and Lukis Desmond met in college and married thereafter, having more love for one another than they could ever imagine. Starting their lives together, they never anticipated the accident that would change the way they both lived for the rest of their lives. Loneliness and desperation weigh heavily on Mira, opening her mind to coping mechanisms she never dreamed of. The flashes of happiness and feeling keep her going from day to day, still deeply hoping for the best and the outcome she desperately wanted, but had almost given up on.

Being trapped inside of himself, Lukis finally finds the outlet he’d silently wished for: his life, home, and wife. Life hadn’t been kind to him in years past, but he was desperate to conquer the roadblocks in front of him. But what truths would he discover there? Where would the ride of life take him now? Would he be able to stand to the tests he still had to face? Could he support his wife and fill her needs? He wanted nothing more than peace, love, and quiet; however, that wasn’t what life was willing to give.

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