Genetics For Dummies, 4th Edition – Rene Fester Kratz, Lisa Spock [PDF]

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Evolve your knowledge of the fast-moving world of genetic research

Genetics For Dummies shines a light on the fascinating field of genetics, helping you gain a greater understanding of how genetics factors into everyday life. Perfect as a supplement to a genetics course or as an intro for the curious, this book is packed with easy-to-understand explanations of the key concepts, including an overview of cell biology. You’ll also find tons of coverage of recent discoveries in the field, plus info on how genetics can affect your health and wellbeing. Whole-genome sequencing, genetic disease treatments, exploring your ancestry, non-invasive prenatal testing—it’s all here, in the friendly and relatable Dummies style you love.

Grasp the basics of cell biology and get a primer on the field of genetic research
Discover what you can learn about yourself, thanks to advances in genetic testing
Learn how your genes influence your health and wellbeing, today and as you age
Follow along with your college-level genetics course—or refresh your knowledge—with clear explanations of complex ideas
Genetics For Dummies is great for students of the biological sciences, and for the genetically curious everywhere.


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