Herbal Remedies Made Simple – Stacey Dugliss-Wesselman, Susan Gregg [ePub & Kindle]

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A do-it-yourself guide to natural healing products, with instructions on choosing plants and recipes for creating alternative wellness solutions at home.

Natural alternatives to traditional medicines are everywhere, even right outside your door! Herbal Remedies Made Simple is an easy and fun way to learn about the many different healing herbs that grow all around us but we seldom see. The best part: once you’re familiar with the natural healing herbs around you, Herbal Remedies Made Simple provides you with instructions on creating your own DIY herbal remedies at home.

This unique guide book splits its pages in half. The top halves of the pages detail different remedies and recipes for health, personal care, and home care. The bottom pages provide reference material on the herbs used in the project above; detailing the plant’s medicinal properties and how best to work with that herb.

Some of the therapeutic recipes within:
Lavender cleanser
Rose water toner
Chamomile facial exfoliant
Comfrey joint and bruise salve
Nerve tonic tincture
Teas for headaches, stress, sleep, and colds
Joint and muscle soak

Fully photographed and illustrated, this is the perfect guide for the beginning herbal practitioner.


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