MacOS Big Sur For Beginners [7th Edition] – TechGo [PDF] [English]

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Starting something new can be daunting. Learning a skill or mastering a new piece of hardware is tough. Even tougher if you have no-one at hand to help. Conversely as the complexity of our consumer technology increases, the size of the requisite instruction manual decreases or in some cases it simply disappears. At numerous times in our lives we have all been «beginners», there is no shame in that fact and rightly so. How many times have you asked aloud, «What does this button do?». «why doesn’t that work?». «What does this button do?». «Why doesn’t that work?». «What do you mean it doesn’t do that?». «HELP!». At the start of any new journey or adventure we are all beginners but fortunately for you we are here to stand beside you at every stage.

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