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2017 Python: Step into the World of Machine Learning – Prateek Joshi, Alexander T. Combs [ePub & Kindle] [English]
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Python: Step into the World of Machine Learning – Prateek Joshi, Alexander T. Combs [ePub & Kindle] [English]

Titulo original Python: Step into the World of Machine Learning


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Sinopsis de Python: Step into the World of Machine Learning – Prateek Joshi, Alexander T. Combs [ePub & Kindle] [English] (2017)

Apply your existing Python skills to the highly lucrative field of data science and machine learning. Become an expert!

Who This Book Is For
This course is for Python programmers, developers, and data scientists looking to use machine learning algorithms and techniques to create real-world applications. Some familiarity with Python programming will certainly be helpful to play around with the code

What You Will Learn
*Explore a wide variety of machine learning algorithms to solve real-world problems
*Implement classification and predictive modeling in a real-world setting
*Apply your machine learning skills to build interesting apps
*Understand deep learning with TensorFlow

In Detail
ML is becoming increasingly pervasive in the modern data-driven world. This course takes a hands-on approach and demonstrates how you can perform various machine learning tasks on real-world data.

The course starts by talking about various realms in machine learning followed by practical examples. It then moves on to discuss the more complex algorithms, such as Support Vector Machines, Extremely Random Forests, Hidden Markov Models, Sentiment Analysis, and Conditional Random Fields. You will learn how to make informed decisions about the types of algorithm that you need to use and how to implement these algorithms to get the best possible results. After you are comfortable with machine learning, this course teaches you how to build real-world machine learning applications step by step. Further, we’ll explore deep learning with TensorFlow, which is currently the hottest topic in data science.

By the end of this course, you should be able to solve real-world data analysis challenges using innovative and cutting-edge machine learning techniques.

Style and approach
With easy-to-follow practical examples, this course will help you gain a grip on each and every aspect of machine learning. Covering all the powerful algorithms of machine learning, we’ll teach you how to build different interesting machine learning applications and finally cover deep learning with TensorFlow.

This course is a blend of text, videos, code examples, and assessments, all packaged up keeping your journey in mind. The curator of this course has combined some of the best that Packt has to offer in one complete package. It includes content from the following Packt products:

*Python Machine Learning Cookbook by Prateek Joshi
*Python Machine Learning Solutions by Prateek Joshi
*Python Machine Learning Blueprints by Alexander T. Combs
*Python Machine Learning Projects by Alexander T. Combs
*Deep Learning with TensorFlow by Dan Van Boxel
*Getting Started with TensorFlow by Giancarlo Zaccone
*Python Machine Learning by Sebastian Raschka
*Building Machine Learning Systems with Python – Second Edition by Luis Pedro Coelho and Willi Richert

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