QuickBooks 2009 for Dummies – Stephen L. Nelson [PDF] [English]

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Got a business to run? QuickBooks makes small-business accounting easier, and QuickBooks 2009 For Dummies shows you how! Bookkeeping may not be your favorite part of running a small business, so learning to use QuickBooks might pay off in more ways than one.

QuickBooks helps you keep financial records, prepare invoices and record sales, pay bills, settle up at the end of the year, and more. In this guide, a top accounting and tax planning consultant tells you what you need to do to be ready for QuickBooks, then how to install and set up the program for your business. Discover how to:

Use the latest version of QuickBooks to maintain your accounting records in compliance with tax laws
Create invoices and credit memos, record sales receipts, set up inventory items, and monitor your inventory
Record and pay bills, print checks, and process payroll, including withholding
Balance accounts and generate financial reports
Set up a business budget and reconcile your account
Perform weekly, monthly, and annual record-keeping
Create job estimates that can be easily converted into invoices or compared with actual costs
Track accounts receivable and payable
Produce reports that help you understand your customer list, vendors, job expenses, inventory, payroll, budget, and more
Use job-costing procedure that help you estimate, bill, and track jobs
Decide whether to use accrual-basis accounting or cash-basis accounting

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