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2017 Raven Victory – Nikos Warrence [ePub & Kindle] [English]
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Raven Victory – Nikos Warrence [ePub & Kindle] [English]

Titulo original Raven Victory


Idiomas English

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Sinopsis de Raven Victory – Nikos Warrence [ePub & Kindle] [English] (2017)

Trump is Hitler Reincarnated. Russian Absolute. El Chapo said it best. “The representative of hatred, confrontation, racism, persecution and misogyny that is so palpable in the world won. What a sad situation for everyone.” He will use a Dark Ages, Orwellian Justice System and DevilBorg Corporate Octopus, already in place by the Koch brothers and their cronies, to promulgate terror, filth, insanity, and death.
This book outlines my six year fight against racist, corrupt, thin blue-line Amerikkan “Justice” system Nazism, rape of the Earth (which, as an environmental engineer focusing on mine/hydrocarbon remediation I believe I have some good insights on), and other timely themes. Heart, generosity, courage, strength, and compassion are the counters to this Devil-punked clown, US Justice Oppression, and all they represent. Earth-centered, Future-oriented endeavors outlined in the book, driven in part by the epic bravery and sacrifice of WWII Allies, can channel the rage Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Russians, non-racist Anglos and all sane people, Gente Nueva, have against the racist, corrupt, WASP oligarchy that is driving Amerikka and the world straight to Hell.
Caged, Starved, Burned, addresses my campaign against Orwellian Justice, originating in Leadville, Colorado, highest US city, but extending to all levels of state and federal courts, including the US Supreme Court. Five thousand pages, days of audio, and video (often their own material) outline the stupidity, racism, thin-blue protectionism, rampant Record destruction, five absurdly false cagings, endless lost employment, judicial death threats, and all that I have dealt with.
This blind, in-bred protectionism is very parallel to my experience working on environmental hydrocarbon issues. My people got out of the ghettos of New York and New Jersey through hard work, focus, intelligence, and academic respect. I had thought the scientific search for truth, at Cornell, the Colorado School of Mines, and through environmental consulting, would lead me to positive change and reverse the environmental destruction and pollution we were able to largely escape by leaving eastern New Jersey. I was wrong. The hydrocarbon aristocracy has bullied and intimidated honest scientists to the point where there is little even those far brighter and more successful than me (I have a few published articles which have been referenced globally in well-respected academic and research arenas) can do.
This book deals with these two central themes, and draws heavily upon World War II Eastern Front defeat of Nazism. Respecting, honoring, drawing strength from the Earth. My overall objective is to use sales from this book as a catalyst, both through direct sales and contributions from wealthy, altruistic people such as Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, NBA players, etc. to provide a challenging, positive, Earth-centered counter for those living in harsh, urban, gestapo police-dominated environments. I hope to use proceeds to build a renewable two-year college, Stalingrad College, (as things currently stand, tuition would be covered through government funding) north of Leadville, Colorado, in Tenth Mountain Country (WWII mountain warfare training.) I wish to use the utter stupidity, sloth and Nazism of those I have been fighting as a catalyst and counter to self-destructive rioting, which will only lead to imprisonment and destroy communities already facing brutal police oppression.
Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán Loera has the stones to address Trump directly, not white, liberal, meaningless appeasements. A central theme in the book, and my overall fight, is a Military Tribunal, comprised of actual fighters not pro-rape, Death Star overlords, to try and convict currently immune police, judges, politicians, and criminal 1%, starting with Trump. We must end this Dark Ages Terror.

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