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2015 Six John Jordan Mysteries (John Jordan Mysteries Collections) – Michael Lister, Michael Connelly [ePub & Kindle] [English]
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Six John Jordan Mysteries (John Jordan Mysteries Collections) – Michael Lister, Michael Connelly [ePub & Kindle] [English]

Titulo original Six John Jordan Mysteries (John Jordan Mysteries Collections)


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Sinopsis de Six John Jordan Mysteries (John Jordan Mysteries Collections) – Michael Lister, Michael Connelly [ePub & Kindle] [English] (2015)

Six novels in the critically acclaimed John Jordan series from award-winning author and New York Times and USA Today bestseller Michael Lister.

Includes a Special Introduction by Michael Connelly

Power in the Blood
John Jordan thought he had put murder investigation behind him for good — his own good. After the toll the cases he worked in Atlanta had taken on him, he returns to the Florida Panhandle in search of the peaceful life that has for so long eluded him. However, when he witnesses the shocking and bizarre death of Ike Johnson, he realizes he can no longer run from his true calling. Now he must determine whether it was murder, accident, or suicide — before one of these fates becomes his own.

See why Michael Connelly is such a fan of this amazing series.

«A treasure of contemporary literature. Lister is a giant talent with a unique vision.» Florida Weekly

Blood of the Lamb
John Jordan’s search for peace is interrupted by the unimaginable murder of the seven-year-old adopted daughter of ex-con turned televangelist, Bobby Earl Caldwell. The murder is committed inside a locked office while Bobby Earl conducts a service in the Potter Correctional Institution chapel. The investigation forces John to confront his own fears and beliefs as he struggles to figure out his identity as well as that of the killer’s.

Flesh and Blood
In this diverse collection of cases, John investigates the Shroud of Turin, a pregnant virgin, a daring prison break, a Hurricane Katrina orphan who might just be the Second Coming, a desperate woman who sleeps with one too many men, a bloody body on the rec yard, a mystery that turns on a single observation, and a murder in which John himself is the prime suspect—all this as he deals with depression and battles alcoholism.

Body and the Blood
In one of the most baffling murder cases of his career, John Jordan actually witnesses an impossible murder—one he would swear couldn’t have happened had he not seen it with his own eyes.

Attempting to balance his fragile reconciliation with his ex-wife and the high-stakes investigation, John is soon overwhelmed and wonders if the life he’s hoped for is even possible. But when he finally figures out how the crime was committed and who’s behind it, an exciting climax follows that reveals the shocking solution, sees someone close to John shot, and carries for John the ultimate personal price—one he’s not sure he can pay.

Blood Sacrifice
Following a particularly brutal and costly case, John Jordan goes to a secluded retreat center and encounters one of the most bewildering and haunting cases of his career—the suspicious death of a troubled and sexualized young woman undergoing an exorcism.

But is he dealing with forces not even he can understand? And what will it cost him?

Rivers to Blood
John Jordan searches for an escaped prisoner, investigates a shocking murder, and confronts a sadist forcing his victims to violate themselves — all while trying to take care of his family, friends, and those in his care.

An escaped inmate. A shocking lynching. A harrowing river rescue. A thrilling mystery featuring a detective like no other!

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