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2017 The seven cycles of Spiritual attack on money – Iyke Uzorma [ePub & Kindle] [English]
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The seven cycles of Spiritual attack on money – Iyke Uzorma [ePub & Kindle] [English]

Titulo original The seven cycles of Spiritual attack on money


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Sinopsis de The seven cycles of Spiritual attack on money – Iyke Uzorma [ePub & Kindle] [English] (2017)

The moment money was formed by the earthman, that which he formed began to play a vital role in his life. This vital role has to do with the exchange of goods and services. When it is said that ‘money is a defense’, it is in the light of recognition of what role it plays in the world of man. However the Almighty God ultimately owns everything in the entire Universal Systems including money.
Therefore, anyone who is involved in following the Creator of all things via the Scriptures will understand that:
I.God can bless man with money on the path of Christ,
ii.God expects man to use money for the good of life in His Light,
iii.The path of darkness, the vicious occult network, can also give man money, but for enslavement and death,
iv.God does not expect man to put money as ‘number one’ in his life on Earth, and
v.God expects man to put HIM above all things and as ‘number one, in his life.
It is said that the love of money is the root of all evils. Out of necessity man formed the use of money to instill a balance in the market. But the greed in the earthman to possess this money, gave the forces of darkness the ‘Astral Right’ to come forth into the world of man with evil; making evil to appear as good, to lead astray. Within the framework of greed and love of money, darkness uses man against man via money rituals, kidnappings, armed robberies amongst many others.

The forces of darkness even went into a high profile dimension of using the Psychic Monitoring Satellite System (PMSS) to manipulate and attack money on Earth. If your money does not come from the realm of darkness, the PMSS subjects it to intense attack in seven cycles, as exposed in this book. If darkness gives you money as exposed here, you become enslaved unto destruction. This treatise is a guide for your total victory on the matter of money.

Many books abound on how to make, spend, save and share money. This book is something else. Exposed here for the first time is the ‘Psychic Monitoring Satellite System’ (PMSS) of the powerful but vicious Astral forces, located about 1,568 miles above the Earth surface. Its operators coordinate all vicious money on Earth. Its attack on money, not coming from it, is in seven cycles of 52 days a cycle.

Money goes from hand to hand: blood money, money through kidnappers, terrorists, ritualists, armed robbers, fraudsters, wicked agents of darkness, etc. How do we overcome what follows such money? Find out in this book, as well as how to overcome the PMSS seven cycles. Also find out in this book the three specific things you would do to place your finance above the reach of darkness plus the different daily Divine Decrees.

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