Troll Mountain: The Complete Novel – Matthew Reilly [Narrado por Sean Mangan] [Audiolibro] [English]


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A dauntless young hero. An army of brutal monsters. An impossible quest.

Journey to the mountain… In an isolated valley, a small tribe of humans is dying from a terrible illness. There are rumours, however, that the trolls of Troll Mountain, the valley’s fearsome overlords, have found a cure for the illness: A fabulous elixir. When his sister is struck down by the disease and his tribal leaders refuse to help him, an intrepid youth named Raf decides to defy his tribe and do the unthinkable: He will journey alone to Troll Mountain and steal the elixir from the dreaded trolls. But to get to Troll Mountain, Raf will have to pass through dangerous swamps and haunting forests filled with wolves, hobgoblins, and, worst of all, the ever-present danger of rogue trolls, the journey to the mountain has begun.

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