You Don’t Know JS Yet: Scope & Closures – Kyle Simpson [PDF] [English]

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The worldwide best selling You Don’t Know JS book series is back for a 2nd edition: You Don’t Know JS Yet. All 6 books are brand new, rewritten to cover all sides of JS for 2020 and beyond. You’ll still get in-depth coverage of the core language, applied in useful code organization patterns for your programs. And of course, through Kyle’s unique perspective and conversational tone, explore passionate, reasoned debate of the most common questions developers face.

Scope & Closures, the second book in the new edition series, dives deep into how and why to organize variables into different buckets of scope, limiting scope over-exposure and improving code maintainability. On top of lexical scope, closure empowers functions with memory, preserving variables across calls. Modules leverage scope and closures to encapsulate data and behavior.

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