PAIN IS A LANGUAGE: The Human Body User Guide – Jean-Pierre Perreault [ePub & Kindle] [English]

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FOREWORD (excerpts) – From Dr S. Stavrinidis MD Mr. Perreault developed his biomechanical model throughout his personal path and health training. His vision is insightful, outside of the box, and revolutionary, providing a simple approach which connects the dots of the pain mechanisms. His approach uses simple but logical analogies and images to explain pain to his patients, thereby empowering them to understand their problem in a new, innovative way. His work reaches far beyond conventional muscular and tendinous disorders, helping also with many chronic abdominal pains, recurrent lumbar pain, migraines, and many more discomforts. … For athletes, Mr. PERREAULT’s bio-mechanical teachings can empower them to surpass their limits. For everyone, it is a road map to longstanding well-being and prevention. I’m looking forward to attending his 2021 workshop. Sophie Stavrinidis, MD, FRCP, IMFCP YOUR HUMAN BODY MAINTENANCE GUIDE Two 20-year-old cars. Same year, model, brand, options; built the same day, in the same factory. Car A is in mint condition. Car B is going to the wrecking yard. What made the difference in the destiny of these two cars? Which one got regular maintenance, diligent driving, and got its little noises fixed before they turned into trouble? Do you do dental care? What for? To prevent your teeth from deterio rating, right? Consequence: your stomach is doing better, your pride as well. Teeth: 0.01% of your body mass. Muscles: 45%. Add bones and joints, here’s 70% of you. Did you know that when muscles are healthy, there is no reason for your bones and joints to hurt? When muscles are fine, everything else works better: digestion, kidneys, mindset, performance, relationships, intimacy, focus, etc. In pain? Your muscles are guilty. Any idea what goes wrong when in pain? Not your fault. Nobody instructed you on the simplest way to take care of your physical self. The regular maintenance we perform on our teeth, our houses and our vehicles are anti-aging actions. What about the rest of the body? Most of the aging of the human vehicle could be easily prevented. Bad driving and no maintenance causes pain, aging, and even worse, potentially leads to other health problems. Otherwise, did you know that your breathing mechanics affect your nervous system, which calibrates your hormones and immune system? Did you know that muscles have more power over blood flow than your heart? Breathing and blood are at the forefront of your health. Muscles activate both. Do you live in a human body? Would you like to have a pain-free life, to age less quickly, and to enjoy your favorite sports and activities for decades to come, with a smile on your face? Read on. Are you a therapist, a bodyworker, an athlete or a physician? Beware, this self maintenance and quick-relief perspective could transform your life; and/or your career! Let Bio-Mechanical Muscular Hygiene and the ANTI PAIN K.I.S.S. METHOD be your anti-aging, anti-pain, and better-health formula. Enjoy discovering your Human Body User’s Guide! Note: By getting the Ebook or the Book, you get Free Access to videos to Learn Muscular Hygiene»

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