The Forbidden Zone – Aedan Sayla [ePub & Kindle] [English]

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A land of ice ………..where the sun never quite rose above the horizon……….at least that’s what the elderly British voice-overs on TV programs had always said about it. They had been wrong……..the masters of media had lied about so much. Now, what did it really matter……that old world was gone now, anyway. It was gone……my parents were gone…..and soon if something radical didn’t happen, I would be gone. The world, as it once was, is over. Brought to its knees by a scourge developed in a lab meant to tame the human animal. Like many things though something went wrong. So wrong, in fact, that’s there’s no way to go back and fix it. Journey with Nysha, an experienced nineteen year old survivor, as she is thrown through the circumstances of her times with little, if any hope, of seeing a better day at the end of the tunnel. After all when you’ve been kidnapped from your home, drugged by your enemies and dropped onto a prison ship bound for an icy hell what could possibly change things around for the good? **Book Content Advisory: There are only elements of light romance contained in this uploaded story, along with a strong Gospel Redemptive Theme depicting the realities of what those in harsh end of the world circumstances may have to face in order to come to the light found only through Jesus Christ.**

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