Trauma Tapping Technique A Tool for PTSD, Stress Relief – Gunilla Hamne, Ulf Sandström [ePub & Kindle] [English]

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Healing from Emotional Trauma and Stress Is Possible The Trauma Tapping Technique is an approach backed by evidence for those suffering from emotional trauma, as well as for first responders and humanitarian outreachers who risk being traumatized by proximity. It is based upon the authors’ experiences of working with survivors of armed conflict, genocide, pandemic and natural disasters over 10 years in 30 countries. This is a book about emotional First Aid techniques to heal the physical and psychological symptoms of trauma. In this book you will learn How emotional and post-traumatic stress can manifest Step-by-step instructions for how to use TTT for yourself or another person How to teach and treat groups using TTT How to use TTT with complementary techniques The Trauma Tapping Technique is easy enough to be learned by children, powerful enough to astound doctors and counselors, and capable of providing permanent relief for long-term survivors of trauma—read the testimonies and discover the science.

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